Carillon Cottage

Please contact Jean Sermon on 01892 782141 or email: to make a booking.

The calendar below shows the current bookings on a daily basis for each month. This allows you to plan where you would like to reserve a slot BEFORE you make contact to arrange a firm booking and payment details. Switch calendar to weekly view to see more details.

Address:- Carillon Cottage, High Street, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 6AA.

There are two individual rooms available for booking:- the MacAdie room – Committee Room1.

Please note on the calendar:

M = MacAdie Room  –  This ground floor room has wheelchair access, easy chairs & sofa and can seat about 12 people.

C1 = Committee Room(large)(upstairs) – can be used for meetings,  with collapsible tables, can seat about 20 people.

Please contact Jean Sermon for details of our very reasonable rates’


Bookings are shown( or are available) for each of the above on the same day.


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